This 18-minute film for Seeker and HHMI Tangled Bank Studios explores North America's native bees. While they may not be our favorite part of eating outside, bees are really important to our ecosystem. They’re prolific natural pollinators and are a huge part of our modern agriculture. A lot of the food we eat relies on pollination from bees! Unfortunately though, they’re also in serious danger. 4,000 species across the U.S are in decline. And there isn’t one specific reason as to why this is happening. The scientists in our next film, SymBeeOsis, might have discovered one cause. And it could change everything we know about bees and their ecosystem, starting with a microscopic world that we never knew existed, until now.

My Role: Editor

Writer: Neil Losin

Producers: Neil Losin, Nate Dappen, Alex Duckles, Jared Lipworth, Sean B. Carroll

Footage: Days Edge Productions

Narration: Alex Danis

Animation: Root House Studios

Music: Christian Schmidt

Project Partners: HHMI Tangled Bank Studios, Days Edge Productions, PBS Nature