This option is for churches who have the content but are looking to improve the overall delivery of the service. This option can be offered in both a short-term and long-term solution.


The Basic package is perfect for churches who are in need of just one video. This is a great short-term option for special announcements, events, or content for social media marketing. 


The Partial Service option is the best choice for churches who want multiple areas of their services filmed & edited (examples being children's ministry, announcements, etc.) but want to have the most control over the editing of the service. This is especially a great option for those who have live-streamed elements in their service. This can be offered both short-term and long-term.


The Full Service option is the perfect solution for churches who want a complete overhaul of their services. I'll film & edit the entirety of your service to give you the best reflection of your ministry as a whole. This option is best offered long-term, but can also be short-term.