Click through to check out these podcasts and apps created by theologians, pastors, and scholars about different topics within the church world, including homosexuality and progressive Christianity.



believr. is a modern dating app for a community that celebrates what makes relationships special and expresses a basic human truth: we all want to be connected and loved, regardless of our background or preferences.

Our Bible App

Our Bible App supports the belief that spirituality is a spectrum and that faith is a journey. At its core, the holy texts were written to be inclusive of all of God’s creation, especially those on the margins.

Deconstructionists Podcast

Come with us to question, doubt and wrestle through this beautiful journey of transformation.

Richard Rohr Homilies

Richard Rohr, OFM is a globally recognized ecumenical teacher whose work is grounded in Christian mysticism and the Franciscan tradition. Explore Fr. Richard’s two podcasts—Another Name for Every Thing and recordings of his Homilies.

Liturgists Podcast

The Liturgists are a global community working to subvert the barriers our society builds around religion, race, gender, ability, and sexuality. Our work is centered around compelling discussion, non-judgmental community, and thoughtful, evocative art.

Queerology Podcast

Matthias Roberts brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers, and change makers for conversations around belief and being.