Nicole is a queer wildlife photographer and aspiring marine conservationist based in San Diego, CA.


Growing up on the beautiful coastline of California sparked her love for marine animals at an early age. She spent all the time she could in the ocean, on her surfboard, surrounded by animals like dolphins, leopard sharks, and her favorite - stingrays. As she got older, she fell more and more in love with rays and all of their different species all over the globe. However, she also learned of the unfortunate threats to both rays and other marine species that she cared so much about. She knew she had to do something to help conserve these beautiful creatures of the sea.

Nicole loves educating people about marine species that are often misunderstood or feared, such as stingrays and sharks. She plans to enter into graduate school this summer for wildlife biology and hopes to put that degree towards a career that would allow her to continue to raise awareness about threatened species.

Nicole enjoys creating media that allows the viewer to connect with wildlife on a personal level. She hopes that through visual media and public education, she can show her audience that sharks, rays, and other "dangerous" species are important to our planet and worth protecting.