Click through to check out these websites and organizations that feature a ton of information and other resources from well educated scholars, theologians, pastors, and friends.


Queer Theology

A variety of resources—articles, podcasts, magazines, online courses—that meet you where you are and push you to go deeper.

Queer In Faith

Words of Rachel: "My honest, transparent journey of living into ministry, discerning that role, reclaiming of my queer mind, body & spirit, embodying Jesus & all things in between. Here you’ll find conversations around Queer Inclusion, Discernment, Jesus Talks, Heretical Things, Reflections & Movement."

Brave Commons

Brave Commons seeks to elevate the voices of LGBTQ+ students working within and beyond Christian universities in the United States.

Church Clarity

Church Clarity is a crowd-sourced database of local congregations that we score based on how clearly they communicate their actively enforced policies

Believe Out Loud

BOL claims a space in the middle of society for LGBT people of faith – an existential act in these scapegoating, demonizing and marginalizing times.

The Reformation Project

The Reformation Project is a Bible-based, Christian grassroots organization that works to promote inclusion of LGBTQ people by reforming church teaching on sexual orientation and gender identity. We envision a global church that fully affirms LGBTQ people.

Q Christian Fellowship

Q Christian Fellowship cultivates radical belonging among LGBTQ+ people and allies through a commitment to growth, community, and relational justice.