Diving for Rays is an upcoming film about Nicole Morris - a 26-year old from California, who since she was young has aspired to be a marine conservationist. Growing up on the beautiful coast of San Diego, she spent her childhood in the sand, the waves, and among the creatures of the sea - her favorite being rays. The ocean became her place of solace and healing, specifically when she began to realize she was gay in early high school. But as she got older, her dreams of saving the species she so deeply cared about began to fade. The more she discovered who she was, the less she saw herself in the career. The scientists in the textbooks she read, the presenters in the documentaries she watched, and even the divers that she walked by almost every day were all straight, older men. Combined with traumatic brushes with homophobia and misogyny, slowly Nicole subconsciously believed that the world of marine conservation was one that was not habitable for someone like her. That was, until she watched a documentary about women in conservation. As she watched the women from all different backgrounds appear on screen, she waited to see herself - but to her dismay, there were no queer women mentioned. That’s when she realized; she had to be the person that little Nicole never got to see. 

My Role: Writer, Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Producers: Nova West, Nicole Morris

Underwater Cinematography: Nova West

Lighting: David Hutchinson

Music: Artlist.io

Stock: Artgrid.io

Project Partners: Cabo-Excursions, Sea Stallion Scuba, Sony, Jackson Wild, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Days Edge Productions