David Kennedy, owner of James, and member of the popular band Angels & Airwaves, was becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of waste that the coffee industry produces. Living in a coastal city, he saw the consequences of that waste every day. The oceans suffer from disposable drinkware; discarded cups and straws litter the beaches and become pitfalls for many species that inhabit the San Diego coastline. While on tour with Angels and Airwaves, the band stopped at a smaller coffee shop that had implemented a reusable glass program. Customers would pay a small one-time deposit to cover the glass, then they would return it next time they came in and either be swapped out for a new one, or they could refund their deposit. David was immediately on board with the idea and set out to integrate the program into his own brand.

My Role: Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Music: Artlist.io

Project Partners: James Coffee Co.