Nicole and I met in the unlikeliest of places; a Christian university.

We both had wrestled with a question that grips many people in the LGBTQ community on a daily basis.

Does God love me if I'm gay?

We found so much peace in realizing that the answer to that question is wholeheartedly, always, and forever.

Nicole and I felt God's tug on our hearts to spread that message while we were in college. One that encourages love and acceptance. A call to bridge the gap between Christ and his LGBTQ children. We've been chasing that call together ever since! We launched the beginnings of our project, The One Frontier, in late 2015. We got married in October of 2018, and currently are based in San Diego, CA with our two dogs, Honey and Snow.



Something that Nicole and I share a deep passion for is the outdoors. There's something about going out and experiencing wildlife and nature up close that changes the human heart and refreshes the soul. We love going on camping trips, hikes, day trips, road trips, you name it. We feel the closest to God when we're in these spaces. This concept is what birthed the idea behind the One Frontier.

We used to attend a non-affirming church, where we both were able to serve with limitations. After getting denied to go on a worship songwriting retreat in the forest because of our sexualities, it left a bad taste in our mouth, and made us realize a sad fact about the church. Even churches that allow LGBTQ members into their congregation will often not allow their queer students or young adults to attend camp - This is a huge problem. 

Some of Nicole and I's greatest spiritual milestones have been realized at retreats and church camps. To take that away from a person is to take away a vital encounter with God.


So we're going to change that.

Together, we aim to create spaces of community for those who are finding themselves in the same position we were in. We want everyone regardless of sexual or gender identity to have a place to come together and experience God and spirituality alongside others. These spaces can exist anywhere; from inside coffee shops, to the middle of the forest. 

Whether these experiences exist in the smallest encounters, or to the intense "mountain-top" moments, we want everyone to experience the creator in the midst of his creation.

Currently, we're holding retreats, working on our YouTube channel, writing worship music, and so much more. We're taking more and more steps every day, and none of them would be possible without you.

If you'd like to support us, check out our "Support Us" page to find out how you can contribute to the cause of LGBTQ+ visibility.