For the years of love, support, and community. Nicole and I have had an incredible journey alongside the One Frontier Community, and we really feel like you all have helped us grow as individuals. Together we hosted two in-person camps, a virtual retreat, a virtual weekly meetup, a YouTube channel, a resource guide, and so many more adventures. We are so incredibly thankful to you all for helping us build this community. 

After seven years, Nicole and I have made the difficult decision to let the sun set on The One Frontier Organization. Some big things are happening in our personal lives, and we unfortunately can no longer dedicate the time, energy, and space that we believe is necessary to foster this community space. We also believe that since we started The One Frontier in 2015, there have been numerous organizations that have come along and have contributed to building the beautiful "Faithfully LGBTQ+" community that we have today. 

If you are in need of resources or community, we recommend you check out The Queer Christian Fellowship, The Reformation Project, Our Bible App, and Beloved Arise.

Thank you so much again, from the bottom of our hearts. If you want to continue to keep up on our lives and the current projects we're working on, we'll still be over on instagram at @canklemorris and @coliejean.

We love you guys.

-Angel and Nicole